Replacement Lamp, Hybrid

Projector Lamp (Ecolamp-OEM Solution) 5J.J3T05.001

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Part Number: 5j-j3t05-001-02

Mitsubishi 499B043O40, BenQ 5J.J3T05.001, BenQ 5J.J4105.001, Mitsubishi ES200U, Mitsubishi EW230U, Mitsubishi EW230U-ST, Mitsubishi EW270U, Mitsubishi EX200U, Mitsubishi EX240U, Mitsubishi EX241U, Mitsubishi EX270U, Infocus IN3914 (Serial with 0), Infocus IN3916 (Serial with 0), BenQ MS612ST, BenQ MS614, BenQ MX613ST, BenQ MX613STLA, BenQ MX615, BenQ MX615+, BenQ MX660P, BenQ MX710
Infocus SP-LAMP-062

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