Replace your Projector Lamp

NDR stocks a wide variety of replacement projector bulbs, allowing quick shipping and immediate availability. We offer OEM lamps, Hybrid, Compatible and NDR’s own EcoLamps.

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Replace your Projector Lamp

Or take advantage of NDR’s Eco-Lamp Recycling Program by filling out the form below.

The information provided through email communications (Emails) or phone support (Phone) for the projector lamp recycling program is filled out for National Depot Repair (The Provider) and is to the best of your knowledge (The Client), correct. Individuals or companies mentioned within the Emails or Phone are aware of their involvement in packaging, shipping, financial responsibilities, inspection after shipping, and/or engaging with this repair. Any information that is misrepresented is the sole responsibility of The Client. Confidentiality between The Client and The Provider will be held within a separate NDA agreement if required. The Provider has the right to refuse projector(s) that do not meet safety standards prior to or during the repair. The Client is solely responsible for paying The Provider prior to return shipment to The Client. If the invoice exceeds $500USD, an ACH or check are required prior to return shipment. If the invoice is below $500USD PayPal or Credit Card will be accepted. The Provider does not warrant the services rendered and no warranty will be provided.

We are offering a 180 day warranty from the date of shipment to all customers for ecolamp repairs and lamp assemblies.

The Provider, will in good faith, try to resolve any issues after return shipping. The Client is responsible for inspecting the projector after return shipping. If any damages are present, The Client will be required to work with the shipper to resolve the issue. The Client waives The Provider for any wrong doing due to shipper mishandling during the return process and will not hold The Provider responsible.

By completing the New Customer Information Form and/or verbally or electronically approving repairs, through initial work additional hours or parts, you agree 100% to the financial responsibilities of the service rendered by The Provider.