Professional Depot Repair Service

National Depot Repair is a full service complete life-cycle depot repair company. It is in our DNA and at the nucleus of our commitment to our clients.

A state of the art repair system creates the heart of NDR’s depot service. Data driven processes assure client satisfaction, efficient repairs, tracking and compliance at every level during the repair process and communication both internally and externally.

The Four Step Depot Repair Process:


We begin with a thorough evaluation of the condition of the product to be repaired. We provide our clients with a complete report including a fixed price per unit quotation and a statement of work.

Inspection and Disassembly

Once the product arrives at our repair facilities, trained technicians will fully inspect the product, make a problem determination, prepare a repair parts inventory and create a repair ticket for tracking.

Physical Product Repair

Using the problem determination specified in the work order, technicians replace only the needed parts necessary to ensure a fully repaired and functional product. As data is collected and analyzed, procedures to include the preemptive replacement of parts likely to fail at intervals can be employed to improve product performance and uptime.

Quality Assurance and Return

Completed product repairs are then transferred to our quality assurance department. A Complete functionality test is performed to assure the product meets all manufacturer and client specific quality assurance standards. Products that pass inspection are prepared and packaged for shipment. All repaired products are affixed with a unique bar-code label which tracks repair history and warranty information.