Spare Parts Managed Inventory

NDR helps our clients reduce costs and improve revenue through our Spare Parts Managed Inventory Program. We specialize in the sourcing, refurbishment and resale of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) and other parts for copiers, printers, kiosk units, desktop & laptop computers, servers, point of sale systems (POS) and other electronic products as your authorized distributor. Our process fully supports OEM and dealer warranties by successfully integrating customer applications, claims processing, and quality assurance.

NDR's process:

  • We assess the parts resale market for your products to determine which parts are in higher demand, procuring and distributing them direct to your customers.
  • We work with our strategic overseas partnerships that we have established for over 25 years to develop parts that are no longer produced.
  • Our warehousing solutions help to leverage distribution channels and increase overall product to market speed.
  • Our returns management program includes: returns, packaging, repackaging, warranty fulfillment, repair, and refurbishing.

NDR is the authorized parts distributor for Toshiba, Epson, HP and more. We can help you obtain the parts your company needs to service printers, copiers, projectors, power supplies and other multi-function and electronic devices through longstanding strategic overseas partnerships.